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Internet access
Set Server Port Forwarding in your Router for Internet Browser Clients.
The router must have a static IP, ask your provider.
What is my (yours of course) IP address? Get it from: http://kendziorra.nl/mijnip.php.
Router settings how-to:
- Active: ON
- Service Name : sHS (or ???)
- WAN Interface : ETHWAN (or ???)
- WAN IP : (empty)
- Trigger Start Port : 8080
- End Port : 8080
- Translation Start Port : 8080
- Translation End Port : 8080
- Server IP Address : (the static local station IP of your sHS WebSocket Server (Node "WS"))
- Protocol : TCP/UDP

Internet test:
In webbrowser address bar type <your-IP>:8080.
If Port Forwarding settings are correct then the sHS-Server will reply with:

Don't forget to adjust your firewall.