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What you should know:

Read this

The software is free to use but I do not support. Use it for your own risk. Check first if you may use the Tiles (Copyright) for this way, this is your own responsibility. The accuracy of the Latitudes and Longitudes depends to the used Zoom level and HDOP value from your GPS receiver. The enclosed Tiles are from OpenstreetMap.

What are Map Tiles and how to get your own Tiles

Map Tiles are country map parts of 256x256 pixels. The application use this smal parts to build the map on your screen and save memory space. For more information: read Wikipedia Tile engine and/or Bing Maps Tile System. (Bing, Google and OpenStreetMap use the same type of Tile system)
You can also read my own OnOffRoadGps (do not download, its for Windows Mobile). Tiles are easy to approach but not essential for navigation.
With a track you can navigate without Tiles (blank Map). Tiles must have 256 x 256 pixels!!! You can produce the Tiles by yourself and/or download. Format and XY coding as Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, Bing...

Download Tiles with:
  1. JTileDownloader (OpenStreetMap).
  2. Tiles grabber (Googelen)
  3. Or use my own OpenStreetMapTilesGrabber or GoogleMapsTileGrabber (Windows)
    For bulk download and automatic storage in the correct map. These programs can save the PNG Tiles as PNG or compressed JPG.
    You can mix jpg and png (first looks to jpg).

Download only those Tiles which you need, it eats your memory!!!

How to edit locations/waypoints

Without this type of files the program is not very useful, it loads your Maps and targets (Waypoints). Make your own <Tiles Index> list. List must start with <Tiles Index>. File name and number of files are free. You can load an item as a Map or target. Edit with Notepad and separate item parts with a semicolon.

  • World; z4; x<n>; y<n>
       Titel: World
       Tile x<n>,y<n> = n,n as centre of Map
       z4 = Zoom Folder 4
       256 Tiles, 16 Folders = The whole World, useful as orientation.
       (files attached by this download)  
  • Home; z15; lat52.5130; lon5.7061 (Target as centre of Map)
       Titel: Home
       z15 = Zoom Folder 15
       lat52.5130 = Y-coördinaat
       lon5.7061 = X-coördinaat
  • Dronten; z11; x1056; y671 (Tile as centre of Map)
       Titel: Dronten
       z11 = Zoom/Folder 11
       x1056 = Folder 1056
       y671 = File 671.png

How to get GPX/KML tracks

You can use GPX and KML Tracks. Searching the internet for walking and/or bicycle routes
Hints: gpsies.com download existing Tracks - gpsies.com draw your one Track (super) - gpsies.com for Adroid
TIP: use optimize track to reduce number of track points.

How to install the (Android) APK file

The installation file has the extension APK. Copy the APK file and the folder onoffroadnav to the Root of your sd card (Tablet: sd card, external sd card or USB stick). In Application settings you must enable Unknown source before you can install. If you don´t have a file manager then install a file manager app like (phone) Astro File Manager or (tablet) File manager HD. Browse to the APK and install it. After installation you can remove the APK file. Do not change the names of onoffroadnav and underlying folders! Create your own Locations (Waypoints) files. Download your Map Tiles and Tracks. For special trips, you can use multiple memory cards with its own onoffroadnav folders.

Explanation and use:

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More? There is no more!
Keep your path and don´t get lost!