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My 29 simpleLib ESP libraries with examples
22 jun '20 added: sMidea.h and sOpenweathermap.h
13 aug '20 added: sEspAdc.h, 23 aug '20 sWebMonitor.h

Totally free to use and modify.
Some header files require third-party libraries.
(third-party library addresses can be found in the comments)

sWebMonitor.hAn Arduino-like web browser monitor
sEspAdc.hESP32  simple to use Analog to Digital Converter
sMidea.hCode tested on a Midea Comfee single split inverter air conditioner
Midea Group’s: Toshiba, Midea, Comfee, Eureka, COLMO, Beverly, Vandelo, Little Swan
sOpenweathermap.hapi.openweathermap.org current weather (with a free key)
get for your location: timeZone, sunRise, sunSet, temperature, humidity, pressure, windSpeed, windDirection
sADS1115.hADS1115 is an 4 channel 16-Bit ADC, low-power, I2C-compatible, 860 samples/second
sBMP280.hBMP280 is an, low-power, absolute barometric pressure sensor
sBytesToUintToBytes.hCovert bytes to INT and INT to bytes (including swap LSB <-> MSB)
sCarL298N.hL298N is an Dual H Bridge Stepper Motor Driver
sDB_SD.h A simple Database on SD-card
sDB_SPIFFS.hA simple Database on SPIFF memory
sDegreesSteps.hDegrees Steps with "sStepperSteps.h"
sDST.hNow in "sMsecTime.h"
sESPNOW.hSimple-ESP-NOW: an unlimited number of nodes with only 20 MAC addresses in use
sESPNOWbasic.hSimple-ESP-NOW: an unlimited number of nodes with only 20 MAC addresses in use
sKaku.hKaKu is an bridge to 433MHz KaKu (CoCo) modules
sLatLonDistBear.h Calculates the Distance and Bearing between two latitude longitude locations
sLuxBH1750.hBH1750 is an 16bit Digitale I2C Licht Sensor
sMLX90614.h MLX90614 is an infrared thermometer for non-contact temperature measurements
sPingSR04.h HC-SR04 is an Ultrasonic Distance Sensor that can report the range of objects
sReceive433.h433 MHz RF radio receiver
sSpeedDecoder.h 2 Channel Speed Sensor Module Counting Motor Speed Controller Measuring Slot Type Optocoupler Module
sStepperSteps.h28YBJ-48 DC 5V 4 Phase 5 Wire Stepper Motor With ULN2003 Driver Board - 4096 steps
sSun.hSun rise and sun set for your own latitude/longitude location
sSolPos.hCalculates the location of the Sun in the sky for any given location, day, and time. (Based on SOLPOS NREL)
sTempDS18B20.hDallas DS18B20 OneWire (may or may not waterproof) Digital Temperature Temp Sensor Probe
sThermistor.hAll types of NTC thermistors (12 types NTC Resistance-Temperature list and the SRS Thermistor Calculator V1.1 included)
Now with "ADS1115" and "ESP32 ADC1 channels" example.
sMsecTime.hA very Simple, easy to use and small ESP32 Milliseconds Time library. Time synchronization from NTP time servers.
sTimers.hTest these interruptless millisecond timers in "sub loop()"
sTransmit433.h433 MHz RF radio transmitter
sWireReadWrite.hRead/Write I2C block (use sBytesToUintToBytes.h to swap LSB <-> MSB)