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List of used libraries

https://github.com/esp8266/Arduino ESP8266WiFi WiFiUdp SPI SD FS Wire SoftwareSerial https://github.com/milesburton DallasTemperature https://github.com/Links2004 WebSocketsServer https://github.com/PaulStoffregen OneWire TimeLib https://github.com/flav1972/433mhzforarduino 433mhzforarduino (KaKu, CoCo) ##### Included in SimpleHomeSwitch library ##### https://gitlab.com/BlackEdder painlessMesh // Do not download!!! It's included in sHS http://kendziorra.nl simpleKaKu // A simple KaKu (CoCo) 433MHz library simpleNtpMs // A simple NTP Time library incl. millis timestamp$ simpleRtcMs // A simple DS3231 RTC Time library incl. millis timestamp$ simpleTimeMs // A simple Time library, use syncTime from a other Node, incl. millis timestamp$ simpleDB // A simple database library simpleTimers // A simple alternative milliseconds timer(s) library simpleTempDS18B20 // A simple single DS18B20 Temp library simpleLuxBH1750 // A simple BH1750 Lux library simpleAdcADS1115 // A simple 0-15 ports ADC library simpleThermistor // A simple Thermistor library simpleStepperSteps // A simple stepper library simpleDegreesSteps // A simple degrees stepper library simpleSummerTimeDST // A simple Summertime/DST library simpleSunRiseSet // A simple SunRise/Set library