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Sous-vide cooking:
First time use? Set the temperature scale to Celsius, Fahrenheit or Kelvin. Decimal mark: use "period/full point" (.) or "decimal comma" (,)(the program converts "," to "."). Do not use "Digit grouping". All times in minutes or use the hh:mm format (the program converts it to seconds).

command, arg1, arg2, arg3 | explanation and description
start,   temp, time, wait | start (delayed) cooking
                          |   temp: *C/*F/*K, setpoint
                          |     (min. 35.00/95.00/308.15, max 90.00/194.00/363.15)
                          |   time: mmm or hh:mm, cooking time
                          |     (mmm: time in minutes, max 4320 or 72:00)
                          |     Timer start after wait and reaching the setpoint
                          |   wait: mmm or hh:mm, delayed cooking start
                          |     (mmm: time in minutes, max 240 or 4:00)
                          |   The cooking time start after "wait time" and
                          |     the bath has reached the setpoint 
                          |   If the cooking time is finished, the cooking does not
                          |     automatically stopped.
                          |   Use the command "stop" to stop cooking.
stop,                     | stop cooking
modify,  temp, time       | changes during cooking
                          |   temp: +/- temperature correction offset  (format: n.n or -n.n)
                          |   time: +/- minutes correction offset
setPID,    Kp,   Ki,   Kd | manually fine tuning of the PID-controll Kp, Ki and Kd values
                          |   first, use the command "info" to obtain the current values
                          |   default values - Kp: 850.0, Ki: 0.5, Kd: 0.1 
auto,    temp             | AutoTune to get Kp, Ki and Kd PID-control values
                          |   temp: *C/*F/*K, setpoint as command start
info,                     | list all the values in browser
offset,   val             | sensor correction offset (calibrate)
                          |   val: +/- *C/*F/*K, max. or min, 5.0 per command
scale,    val             | temperature scale
                          |   val: 0/1/2 (*C/*F/*K)

Displayed time, graph and signal
  On delayed start: remaining time to start heating 
  On cooking:       remaining cooking time, graph (heating + temperature), mp3 annunciate on ready
  On ready:         elapsed cooking time, graph (heating + temperature), mp3 beep