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Philips AirFryer V3
With a Wi-Fi WebSocket Server, meat probe and five programmable stages.

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Wi-Fi AirFryer V3
That's a Philips AirFryer, programmable over Wi-Fi with a ESP32 WebSoket 1) Server and a HTML5-Client.
This project is a replacement of the original (defect) Philips AirFryer PCB, Philips part:
          4203 036 07241 Power supply PCB assy coated
(pos 22, in project zip: AirFryer Philips HD9240.pdf )
Total cost: ~$/€ 35.00.
1) WebSocket?: Real-time bidirectional event-based communication.

Now a AirFryer with new features:
- Five stages: Preheat, three Fryer sets and Rest.
- Shake or Flip your food and Ready signals (MP3).
- And now you can also use a meat probe.

- DANGER, 110-240V AC Power: This is not a beginners project.
        If you have no experience with mains voltage then forget this project!
- CAUTION, risk of fire: Use this AirFryer project only at you own risk! I will not accept any liability!
- If no user action on "insert your food" then after five minutes the AirFryer STOPS.
- If overheating the AirFryer STOPS.